Ginseng Tincture


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Get 2X the ginseng extract for your money compared to most other brands. Looking for a mid-day natural energy boost? Compared to other energy shots, ours is caffeine-free with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, just the pure, bittersweet flavor of ginseng. Small and convenient, take Burmeister Ginseng anywhere you go. Easy to add to any beverage or just drop it onto the tongue. Tastes great with most juices, teas, smoothies, and sodas. Excellent in the syrup for your pancakes and as the flavoring in frosting for cakes!

The Burmeister Ginseng 2 oz dropper bottle of Wisconsin-grown American ginseng liquid extract contains 30 servings of 1:3 ratio extract. That means 1 Kg of dry ginseng is dissolved in 3 liters of ethanol/water solution.

60 drops equal 2 dropper-fulls per one serving. Shake well before use.


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