Rugose Rose


Native to northeast Asia, the Rosa rugosa, or shrub rose, has now become naturalized throughout the temperate regions of the world, growing both wild and cultivated in gardens. It is a drought tolerant hardy shrub that is almost indestructible, growing well even with neglect and poor soil. Lovely, fragrant flowers bloom on prickly stems from spring to autumn, followed by bright orange to red rose hips in the autumn. The autumn foliage turns a pretty bright orange. There are several varieties in cultivation but a double purplish-pink and double white are the most commonly grown in recent times. In Chinese medicine, the dark purple-pink rose buds are used.

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Country of Origin: China

TCM category: Herbs that regulate Qi

TCM nature: Warm

TCM taste(s): Bitter,Sweet

Organ affinity: Spleen, Liver

Main actions according to TCM*: Regulates Qi and reduces Stagnation of the chest and Liver. Removes Blood Stagnation.

Primary conditions or symptoms for which rose flowers may be prescribed by TCM doctors*: Abdominal pain Loss of appetite Vomiting,Irregular menstruation, Depression

Uses: Rose tea, Rose Water Toner, Bath Salt, Seasoning, Decoration


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