Chaga Brew


Meridians: Spleen, Stomach, Liver, Kidney

Key Actions: Builds Qi, Calms Shen, Tonifies the Kidneys, Tonifys the Spleen, Tonifies the Liver, Clears Toxins, Restores Blood

USDA Certified Organic Chaga, cut and sifted for tea.


Chaga is an adaptogenic mushroom that can help reduce fatigue, increase mental sharpness, and help fight cancer. It is also reduces blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol. Chaga has been a part of traditional folk medicine in Russia, Poland, China, and other Baltic countries for centuries.

Chaga contains calcium, silicon, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, aluminum, phosphorus and sulfur. Chaga contains more potassium than a banana, more rubidium than green tea and is richer in antioxidants than blueberries. Antioxidants come with a whole slew of benefits, including prevention of heart disease, blood pressure regulation and diabetes prevention. Because of its very high levels of antioxidants, chaga is often considered to be a superfood. Chaga is also energizing. It has effects similar to caffeine without inhibiting your sleep cycle.

The chaga mushroom has destroyed cancer cells in Petri dishes in several studies (1).

Chaga is most famous for being full of antioxidants and beta glucans. Beta glucans boost immune function, which supports the body in healing sickness and combating cancerous cells (2).

Chaga has long been used in Russia and China. In Russia and Siberia, the mushroom has been used as a medicine and in shamanic ceremonies. Russian and Scandinavian scientists have done the most research on chaga, where the herb has been used for centuries. In China, chaga is a revered tonic herb for longevity and health. Chaga is also known for its adaptogenic properties and ability to help treat and prevent cancer. It is also used to promote heart and digestive health, as well as treat red, itchy skin conditions. A study done in Russia of 50 people suffering from psoriasis were given chaga and all got well.

Chaga has been used in Oriental medicine for many centuries and was first documented by the Chinese herbalist Shen Nong, in the first century B.C.E. In Asia, chaga is used to preserve youthfulness, promote health, and encourage longevity. It is known as an excellent kidney tonic herb. Chaga is also used to support Shen (spirit or consciousness). In Japan, the Ainu, brewed chaga for tea to treat stomach disorders as well as using it in powdered form in sacred ceremonies.

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Two ways to brew!

For a quick tea, you can add 1 tbsp to 1-2 cups of water and heat (just under boiling) for 30 minutes until the water turns dark and rich reddish-brown.

For a long-lasting brew, choose a reliable pot as it will be in use for a couple of weeks. Add the contents of the whole jar into 4-6 cups of water for several hours. Keep the temperature between 140-160F. Don’t let the mixture boil as boiling may destroy the beneficial compounds. Repeat this process every day for 2-4 weeks. The compounds have been fully extracted once the brew no longer turns dark when cooking.

At this point you can place the spent pieces of chaga mushroom into a glycerin base and let it sit for 6 weeks to pull out the fat-soluble compounds.  Add other herbs and customize your own alchemy!


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